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The art of leather, reborn

Derokast is a leading company with a long-standing tradition in creating luxurious leather products. Since our establishment, we have focused on crafting handmade office items that stand out for their unique design and exceptional quality.

Our philosophy is based on dedication to detail and artisanal craftsmanship. Every product we make is crafted with care and passion, using the finest materials to ensure durability and aesthetic superiority.

In addition to leather office items, we also offer luxurious products for homes, hotels, and restaurants. Our creations include elegant accessories and decorative elements that bring a sense of luxury and sophistication to any space.

We specialize in custom-made orders, providing personalized solutions that meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. From unique designs to special constructions, Derokast is committed to satisfying even the most demanding requirements.

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Exclusive Limited Office Essentials.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the precise stitching, the soft yet durable texture of the leather, and the functional beauty of our designs. From the sleek lines of our office organizers to the understated luxury of our coaster holders and mousepads, every Derokast creation is an ode to the artistry of leatherwork.

Artis 19, Western Macedonia, 52100 Kastoria GREECE

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