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Derokast was born out of a desire to blend tradition with modern aesthetics. Inspired by the rich heritage of leather craftsmanship, we set out on a journey to redefine luxury for the contemporary connoisseur. Each piece we create tells a story, a fusion of artistry, heritage, and functionality.

by the Owner and Founder


We are committed to responsible luxury. Our leather is 100% biodegradable , and our production processes minimize waste. By choosing Derokast, you’re not just investing in a beautiful product; you’re supporting a sustainable vision for the future.

by the design team


Our artisans pour their heart and soul into every stitch, every cut, and every fold. The supple touch of our handmade leather desk organizer and the precision inflicted upon it, reflect the dedication we have to our craft. We source the finest materials, ensuring that each product exudes elegance and durability.

by the production team
Limited Products

All our products are handcrafted, resulting in unique measurements and colors, which naturally limits their availability.

100% Real Leather

We exclusively utilize genuine biodegradable leather procured from local Greek suppliers.

Made By Hand

Our products are handcrafted with a focus on artisanal excellence, yet they embody a contemporary style.

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